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Whether you are giving Mom props or looking for something special to celebrate your daughter's graduation, special women deserve special gifts.

smiling woman receiving a Christmas gift
A woman putting the finishing touches on a decorated Christmas tree is presented with a gift from a man.  Both the man and woman are smiling as the man presents the gift package, which is wrapped in red paper and tied with a green ribbon.

Popular gifts for women include jewelry and watches, flowers and chocolates, and perfume and gift baskets, as well as bath and beauty products, handbags, kitchen products and home decor accessories.  Most women prefer something personal that shows you've really put a lot of thought into your selection.  If your sister is a tennis player, for example, a handbag with a tennis motif would be a thoughtful gift.  If Mom breeds Labrador Retrievers, a home decor item that features Labs would be greatly appreciated.  For milestones such as graduations, weddings, significant birthdays, and the birth of a child, items that stand the test of time and will forever remind her of the event are good choices.  Think jewelry, watches, and silver pieces, and remember that fashion and color are important considerations for many women.

necklace draped on a perfume bottle
Perfume is housed in a small, crystal bottle, then attached to a chain that can be worn around a woman's neck.  A perfume necklace is a unique gift that enables a woman to always have her favorite scent close at hand.

If you are buying clothing for a woman, be sure to note the styles and brands she prefers before making your purchase.  With a bit of discreet research, the item you choose is sure to be a big hit!  Whatever you do, don't guess.  If you are unsure what her favorite colors are, ask her.  Find out where she shops, and if there is a particular item she has had her eye on.

You may also find yourself needing to buy a gift for a woman you don't know well, such as a co-worker or service provider.  Appropriate business gifts for women include food gifts, scarves, and gift cards or gift certificates to local shops or restaurants.  It is customary to express one's appreciation to service providers during the holiday season.  Appropriate tips are $20 to $50 for day care staff, nannies, or babysitters and $25 for housekeepers and cleaning persons.

What makes a great gift even better?  Thoughtful words.  Be sure to include a card or note with your gift, telling the woman why you appreciate her and why she deserves the gift.  It will make your gift much more meaningful and difficult to forget.

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